Our company has long insisted on organizing management and production in accordance with various relevant standards, and established the company's quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2015 international quality management system; at the same time, it has improved the organization's occupational health and safety performance; established norms from every cell of the enterprise Operation, standardized operation and standardized management, in order to achieve the overall improvement of the management level of the company's raw material procurement, transportation, production, inspection, storage and transportation, and pursue energy saving, consumption reduction, and efficiency improvement; pursuit of the company's long-term improvement and improvement. Our company can comply with USA (ANSI/ASME ), Germany(DIN), French(NF), European(EN), Japan(JIS), International Standard (ISO), Britain(BS), Australia(AS), Russian(ΓOCT) ), and GB etc welding material production equipment standards or welding material standards to organize the production of various welding electrode production lines and various welding electrode equipment. We can provide the following different standard welding electrode production lines, welding electrode equipment, and provide complete welding electrode production formula: acid carbon steel electrode GB/T5117-1995 carbon steel electrode; basic carbon steel electrode GB/T5117-1995 carbon steel electrode; Low alloy steel electrode GB/T5118-1995 low alloy steel electrode; stainless steel electrode GB/T983-1995 stainless steel electrode; surfacing electrode GB/T 984-2001 surfacing electrode; cast iron electrode GB/T10044-2006 cast iron electrode and welding wire; aluminum And aluminum alloy electrode GB/T3669-2001 aluminum and aluminum alloy electrode; copper and copper alloy electrode GB/T3670-1995 copper and copper alloy electrode; nickel and nickel alloy electrode GB/T13814-2008 nickel and nickel alloy electrode and so on. Welcome users from all over the world.

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