Welding Electrode Production line

Welding electrode production line

Welding electrode production line

Welding electrode production line
1.  Descaling machine
Descaling machine is started by first group of wire drawing machine and it is used to remove rust on the surface of steel wire before drawing.
2.  Tip roller
Tip roller roll the head of steel wire into tapering shape(sharp) to be more easily thread the wire drawing dies to draw wire.
3.  Butt-welding machine
This is used for resistance butt welding method for butt welding of Φ2-6.5mm low carbon steel bar. in order to continuous drawing and cutting
4.  Wire drawing machine
Wire drawing machine is used for steel, aluminum, copper and other metal wire drawing. The metal wire rod can be drawn by single machine of the unites depends on its sizes. The wire can be done through the unity with wire drawing machines, all the way from  wire incoming to wire finished, they all finished once. Along with Wire’s drawing, the rear coiling block is accelerated.
5.  Single arm crane
Single arm crane is used to carry the drawn wire down and lift the cutted steel wire to the wire feeding machine hopper
6.  Wire cutting machine  
Wire cutting machine is the exclusive equipment for electrode production. It’s used for straightening and cutting off the welding rod core.
7.  Powder mixer
Power mixer is the exclusive machine for electrode production which is used to dry mixing and wet mixing. It adept double-S axles to forwarding and reversal mixing to flux more equal and even. The torque of machine is big to produce common and special welding electrodes mixing.
8.  Wire -feeding machine
Wire drawing machine is the exclusive machine in welding electrode production line. It is used to feed the welding core to coating dies at 45° angle automatically to satisfy the needs of coating procedure continuingly.
9.  Helix powder coating machine
Helix coating machine is the special equipment for welding electrode production.
The machine use helix coating craft,Can ensure continuous coating welding powder to the welding core surfac
10.  Head-tail grinder machine
Head-tail grinder machine is the special equipment for welding electrode production. Grindering striking end and bare terminal of electrodes.
11.  Electrode eccentric measuring instrument
This instrument is used for measuring eccentricity of iron and steel electrode in electrode working or laboratory.
12.  Control panel
Control panel is to control wire feeding machine,extruder machine and head tail grinder
machine to control their every movement to cooperate with other machines to work
of synch. Including kinds of protective equipments for electrical appliance.
PLC is optional.
13.  Auxiliary line machine
Auxiliary line is to feed electrodes from head tail grinder machine to drying furnace and also the feeding of electrodes out of drying furnace. Altogether 3 parts.
14-1.   Box type hot air circulation drying furnace
The furnace mainly designed for drying special welding electrode, and can be used also for the preheating and drying of other materials or heating treatment of metals under 450℃.
The furnace design uses seal-type hot wind bicirculating system. It takes advanced thermal insulation material as insulation course to reduce the heat loss for the temperature balance in the furnace. In addition, it uses EOV and intelligent temperature controlling system which can set and store various temperature curves to meet different drying requirement of welding rods.
14-2. Automatic chain type drying furnace
Auto chain tying furnace is the special equipment for welding electrode production. Auto chain type drying furnace can work continuingly, automatically turn to avoid being appeared different colors; procedure: low temperature area, mesothermal area, high temperature area, cooling area;
7 floor drying furnace is equipped with independent power systems(7 sets power systems in total) which can assure the chain delivery more stable and reduce the chance of furnace disordering; comparing with 5 floors’ chain type drying furnace, it can save 8.5 meters’ space.
The drying manner can be electricity, natural gas, diesel, coal, heavy oil and coal gas etc.
Frequency control system is optional.
15.  Words printer
Words printer is used to print models and brand on electrodes. It is stepless speed regulation base on the diameter of electrodes.
16.   Shrink packing machine
Shrinking machine is to shrink film to cover packaging box. Then heating to shrink the film tightly covered. Shrinking package can work as sealing,damp proof and pollution proof.
17.  Strapping machine
Strapping machine is to strap box with belts.
18.  Reclaiming machine
Reclaiming machine is an exclusive equipment in welding electrode production line.
it play the role of get rid of the coated flux on electrodes, so powder can be recycled
19.  Straightening machine
Straightening machine takes the ability of straightening crippled welding core. It is unavoidable that some electrodes unqualified due to appear scratching and damaging. Thus, straightening machine can remove most dry flux and clean the rest flux left on welding flux to recycle





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