Wire Drawing Machine

five wire drawing mahcine

five wire drawing mahcine

five wire drawing mahcineWire drawing machine

Wire drawing machine be suitable for drawing Many kinds of metal materials and a variety of specifications,such as High, medium and low carbon steel and copper, aluminum, etc,its the requirements for the manufacturers which produce Wire, cable, nail, steel wire.The machine Use gear drive, electric control, safe operation, low noise, high efficiency advantages

  All kinds of Windlass wire drawing machine,In order to save labor, improve efficiency ,Can form 2-8 table slide wheel group drawing machine, also Can match speed regulating motor.

 technical parameters  Quintuplet tank  Four league tank  Triple tank  Duplex tank
 coiling block diameter (mm)  550-600  550-600  550-600  550-600
inlet wire(mm)
 4  6.5  6.5  6.5
 minimum outlet


 1.8  3.2  1.2  5
 line speed
 216  120-160  120-160  120-160
 motor power
 39  53.5  42.5  31.5
 method of lubrication  powder  powder  powder  powder
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