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hydraulic universal teste

Hydraulic universal tester
We are supplying hydraulic universal teste, The hydraulic universal tester be used in the building construction ,metallurgy,R&D institution,universities and colleges,quality inspection center,commodity inspection department and so on.do the test to the metal and nonmetal ,such as stretching,compress,bend,cutting and so on..
Working condition:
The using of the Hydraulic universal tester:
a) the temperature range of the working room is 10�桫35��
b) Relative humidity should be less than 80%
c) Power supply voltage fluctuation shall not exceed rated voltage plus or minus 10%; Power supply frequency 50 hz
d) Working environment should be no shock, vibration
e) No obvious disturbance of electromagnetic field,  no corrosive medium
f) Should be on the basis of the solid ground level to installing ,and the levelness will be less than 0.2/1000
g) The powder should be not less than 2kw